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Our services

Accounting and Finance

The importance of financial resources in a business or organisation can never be overemphasised. Thus, careful monitoring and planning of financial resource will result in the growth and success of every business. This therefore explains why we have taken it upon ourselves to help our clients with wide ragne financial management services

TAX and Compliance

SANTINAS can give you outstanding support, regarding all your tax requirements for various types of taxes. We will help you prepare your monthly, quarterly or annual tax return for income tax, corporation tax and VAT. Moreover, we can also submit a gift aid claim on your behalf. Above all, we can also calculate and submit your payroll tax, national insurance as well as annual tax returns.

Talent Management

The success of any business or organisation strength lies on its people. We understand the challenges that businesses and organisations face when it comes to hiring, retaining and developing the right talent. Well, SANTINAS can therefore take away the stress and challenges of managing this aspect of your business by providing you a strategic people and culture management.

Strategy and Risk

It is imperative for every business to position itself to be more sustainable. SANTINAS will therefore help morph your business to the next stage by providing unparalleled strategic advisory services. We can help you design a powerful strategy for your business or organisation. We can also help you create a solid business plan that can enable you to navigate through growth and market expansion.

Information Systems

SANTINAS also has experts in website creation and design. Of course, we do not only specialize in creating new websites, but we can equally review a current one and make adjustments.Our experts in digital marketing can also work with you. We will design digital marketing strategies that will help you reach an enormous audience in a way that is both cost effective and measurable.

Graphic and Media

SANTINAS will also provide exceptional design and multimedia services that will boost brand awareness, thereby increasing sales and returns on investment. SANTINAS has a strong creative team that can help you brand or re-brand your company. You can actually count on our team if you intend to craft a brand that would make your business or organisation stand out from your competitors.

Fully qualified staff

SANTINAS has a highly skilled and professional team, who have all amassed years of experience in the different aspects of business, including, accounting, human resources, risk and strategy as well as design and multimedia, etc.

Affordable pricing

Our pricing policy at SANTINAS is also one of the reasons that have endeared our clients to stay true and loyal to us.

Efficiency and high rates of success

We employ only competent, reliable and efficient people who are committed to meeting the unique needs of every client.

Excellent customer service

It is apparent that an excellent customer service matters more than price in business. The reason is that a great customer service helps in building trust and brand awareness.

Our insights